3 Simple Household “Cleaning Hacks” For The Holidays

3 Simple Household "Cleaning Hacks" For The Holidays

Ready or not, the holidays are upon us.
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Women spend a staggering 12,896 hours during their lifetime cleaning.

Spending this much time spraying, scrubbing and cleaning conclude to be over a year and a half of one’s life, according to new research.

Not only can this affect one’s health, being around such toxic chemicals – but in fact, over 17% of the entire American population claim that they hate cleaning so much, that they simply do not clean at all!

To be honest, I don’t blame them. Nobody wants to spend their valuable relaxation time cleaning, especially around the holidays…

Here are 3 “hacks” that should help you avoid cleaning as much as possible this holiday.

1. Have a bi-weekly cleaning schedule with a set date and time.

To make life easy, set an “event” in your calendar to remind you of the best time to clean. For example, if you know that Thursdays are often your least busy day, schedule a 2 hour time block every other Thursday to clean, and set a remind in your digital calendar.

The most effective way to do this is to map out your entire month first. Decide which ten tasks are most important when keeping your beautiful Richmond home clean, and then divide them in half. On the first Thursday of the month, accomplish your first 5 tasks, and then the next Thursday complete the rest.

2. Recruit the kids to help you clean.

Ahh… children – life’s most precious gift. Aren’t they wonderful? There’s nothing better than having an army of small cleaning minions around the house during the holidays.

Sure, you have valuable belongings that they should most likely never go near… this is why having a set schedule is even more important.

Help your children understand the reward of helping you clean. Offer them their favorite snack or dessert when they are finished helping you clean. If you do this every other week and make it a routine, they will get used to it!

Also, spray bottles are actually a lot of fun for children to pump and squirt, so let them “craft” their own spray bottle monsters with googly-eyes and other designs. Next, have them attack the windows and tables while you guard the more important items.

3. Hire your own personal cleaning team.

One of the biggest misconceptions about having cleaning services provided on your home is that it’s “too expensive”.

However, considering this is a task that consumes over a year of your life, I think we’ve come to terms with the fact that cleaning your home is not worth what you take home as a year’s salary.

Having a regular and trusted cleaning professional handle your dirty laundry (literally) can relieve much more than just time. As a matter of fact, it can actually give you time back with your family, friends, and children as well as lower your stress levels.

Having a clean home can elevate your quality of life, improve your energy and even quality of sleep.

Sure, having a clean home and a regular cleaning schedule is excellent. Even having the children help can relieve some of the stresses, but your best bet is always to have a trusted professional take care of your most beloved investment, your home.


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